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Trace: renew_local_matlab_license


Renew Local Matlab License

BYU has a site license from Mathworks, which expires every year at the end of February. OIT is responsible for renewing that license. Once OIT renews the University's site license (usually early February), and our department license server has been updated by the CSR, users of designated licenses (i.e. local licenses) are able to renew their local copy of the Matlab license. For those using a concurrent license (usually desktop computers that are always connected to the college’s network) the message regarding the license expiration will disappear on its own. These instructions must be followed before the expiration date, otherwise MathWorks credentials will be required to re-active the software.

  1. This is the expiration message that will be displayed:
  2. Select “Help“ > “Licensing” > “Update Current Licenses…”
  3. This will bring up the following window. Select the ‘284884’ license and click “Update“
  4. You will be asked to confirm your decision, click “Yes”.

That’s it. It will copy down the new license information from our department’s license server and the expiration warning will go away the next time you start Matlab.

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