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Trace: heidelberg



Instructions for test compiling the Heidelberg virtual machine

Connect to VM (Persistent Session)

  1. Download and run VNC viewer from
  2. Connect to the Heidelberg VM in VNC viewer by going to the address: and accept the unsecure connection notice
  3. Input password:convert​
  4. Login Username: convert
  5. Login Password: cn

Transfer Files Via Internet

  • Log in to Google Drive (or other source) using FireFox
  • Download as usual

Transfer Files Via J Drive

To access the J Drive on your Windows machine:

(It should be automaticaly mounted on any department or CAEDM lab computer)

  • Windows 7: Right click “My Computer” and select “Map Network Drive…”. (Windows 10: open file explorer, click on “This PC” on the left, click on “Computer” on the top menu, and then click “Map Network Drive”)
  • Select j: as the drive in the “Drive” box.
  • Type in the “Folder” box \\\YOURCAEDMUSERNAME
  • Select “Connect using a different user name”.
  • Enter “CAEDM_AD\” and then your CAEDM user name and password. For example: “CAEDM_AD\engineer1” (without the quotes)
  • Click “OK” and then “Finished”.

To transfer files from the J Drive to the Heidelberg VM:

  • Click on the “Connect to J Drive.desktop” file on the desktop. This will start a script.
  • Input your CAEDM username and password when prompted​. You should now be connected to the J Drive in the command prompt. (You will see a bash prompt that looks like 'smb: \>')
    • Use “ls” to view the contents of the current folder.
    • Use “cd <folder>” to navigate to a directory (or “cd ..” to go back 1 directory)​ Folder names with spaces need to be enclosed in quotes. Example: cd My Documents —> cd “My Documents”
    • Use “help” for a list of all possible commands
    • ​Use “get <filename>” to transfer any files you may have. The file will be placed in the directory /home/convert/<yourCAEDMusername>. If that folder does not exist, it will be created.
    • To recursively download, use the following commands:
      • recurse (turns on recursion, typing it again will disable it)
      • prompt (turns off the prompt for induvidual file copies, typing it again will enable prompts)
      • cd path\to\folder
      • mget *
      • The folder will be moved to /home/convert/yourCAEDMusername
    • ​Close the window to close the connection​
    • Click on the File Cabinet Icon on the bottom dock of the desktop.
    • In the navigation window towards the top, type in /home/convert/<yourCAEDMusername> to view your files.

To UPLOAD to the J drive

  • For a single file, use “put file/path/from/VM \desitnation\file\path” without the quotes
  • To recursively upload a folder, type in the following commands, one at a time:
    • recurse
    • prompt
    • lcd /source/folder/path (For example: lcd /home/convert/tjs91)
    • cd \navigate\to\destination\folder (For example: cd “My Documents\uploads”)​
    • mput *
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