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CAEDM Groups

CAEDM groups are shared folders on CAEDM file servers that are available to students, faculty, and staff within the College. These folders appear within the “groups” folder of a user's J drive, making it feel like a Dropbox-type service to the end user. Users can create groups on the CAEDM website, as well as manage the membership and expiration of the group. There is no limit to the number of groups a user may join (there was a limit of 32 prior to 2010). Detailed information can be found on this CAEDM wiki article:

Group Expiration

Groups periodically expire (usually every six months) to keep unused groups to a minimum. Renewal of the group can be done by the group owner at any time before the expiration date. The owner of the group is sent a daily expiration notification via email for two weeks before the expiration date. For the first week, only the owner of the group receives these messages. For the final week before expiration, all group members receive the notice (so they can remind the owner to renew the group). After expiration, groups are made inaccessible and periodically deleted.


The group owner can edit group membership from the CAEDM website. They can also assign “managers” which also have the authority to edit group membership. The owner need not be assigned as a manager, though they must be either a member or a manager in order to see the files on their J drive.

Storage Types and Limits

You have the option having your group use “fast” or “big” space. You may only choose between these options when you create the group, so you must choose wisely.

Fast Space

8 GB Quota Designed for typical group needs:

  • Class group projects
  • Small data sets that are actively used and modified
  • Powerpoints, documents, spreadsheets
  • Smaller videos and images, especially those that are actively modified

To meet these needs, fastspace groups are stored on expensive, high-speed disk drives.

Big Space

5 TB Quota Designed for:

  • Large data sets that are needed for periodic reference, but NOT actively computed against (e.g., results from finite element analysis, simulations, lab samples)
  • Video clips of student or capstone projects
  • Large image repositories

To get higher storage capacity, big space groups are stored on slower, but significantly larger disk drives.

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